NYC Chapter of the American Poolplayers Association


Current Events

September 7           8-Ball Wildcard Draw, 6pm, Amsterdam Billiard Club
September 7           9-Ball Playoffs, 7pm, Amsterdam Billiard Club
September 10-12    8-Ball Playoffs
September 15         9-Ball Finals
September 17-19    8-Ball Finals
September 23-24    U.S. Amateur Qualifier, NYC regional, Steinway Billiards
September 24-28    Fall session week 1

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001 Sunday uptown 8-Ball

002 Sunday downtown 8-Ball

004 Monday Uptown 8-Ball

005 Monday UES 8-Ball

007 Monday Gramercy 8-Ball

008 Monday East Village 8-Ball

009 Monday East Village 8-Ball

011 Tuesday uptown 8-Ball

012 Tuesday UES 8-Ball

014 Tuesday East Village 8-Ball

015 Tuesday Gramercy 8-Ball

016 Tuesday Village 8-Ball

200 Thursday 9-Ball